Guppy Media의 대표이자 창발의 보드멤버이신 최두환 (Alex Choe)님께서 여러 번의 창업 그리고 테크 회사 경영에 대한 경험을 나누어 주셨습니다.

After graduating from Seoul National University in 1990, Alex Choe (최두환) enrolled in the University of Washington to pursue his dream of becoming a global entrepreneur. Arriving in America, all he had was two suitcases of books from Korea and his dream. With absolutely no idea of how to achieve his ambitions, he hoped to learn from UW and find business partners, just as he had read many times in Entrepreneur Magazine. But he didn’t.

He left UW during his second year of the CS PhD program and joined HP, followed by Microsoft, attempting to build a foundation for his startup. It was only meant to be a short term job, but nearly 10 years passed without much progress. Even though he had become more familiar with America, he had not found the momentum to make his dream come true. Hoping to find the right business to start, he traveled to Korea a couple of times a year. However, the more he stuck with Microsoft, the more difficult it felt leave the comfort of salaried life for his dream startup.

In this talk, he will share his journey from corporate citizen to serial entrepreneur, challenges he encountered, and pros and cons of being a Korean American entrepreneur in 21st century.

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